Monday, November 12, 2012

Online and Offline Fun With Webkinz Plus Toys

My kids have been fans of Webkinz for years.... so when they discover new Webkinz friends, I immediately hear all about them. They truly enjoy finding the *special code* and then having the ability to explore even further online with a new Webkinz friend.

Webkinz Butterscotch Retriever puppy dog from Ganz has soft tan fabric. This full size Webkinz measures 8.5 inches tall. As with all other Webkinz, this adorable dog comes with it's own special code to access it's virtual world.

Webkinz Rockerz (including this Poodle) are sassy rock & roll pets that unlock the magic of Webkinz World! Each pet includes a unique Secret Code. Enter the code at and bring your pet to life. With a Webkinz Rockerz pet, you'll receive a unique rock & roll outfit and access to an exclusive Rockerz challenge with awsome Stadium Rock prizes for your pets room.

Each and every Webkinz friend has a special eight digit code that can be used online to *adopt* them in the virtual Webkinz World. Upon being adopted online, kids have the ability to care for their Webkinz friend by feeding it, providing playtime and more. 

For even more fun and exciting adventures, Webkinz also offers the ability to play a game through Webkinz Facebook page. This Facebook App is similar to various other and popular city building games.  Webkinz codes are not a requirement or necessary to use on the Webkinz Facebook game page. You can build houses and businesses to improve the community's *happiness* level. When it came to playing the two different style games, my kids actually preferred Webkinz World... they felt there was more to do that was more appealing to them.

Also... Webkinz will be introducing a new iPad App and I know that will certainly be a BIG hit in our home. Webkinz + iPad = Giddy Kids.

As excited as my kids were to get these new Webkinz, I know that they will be adding other Webkinz friends to their holiday lists. There is such a wide variety to choose, ranging from the everyday *normal* pet to the more exotic, wild animals to various sea creatures and more. Definitely something for everyone and I have a feeling a Webkinz friend would delight a child this holiday season. Make sure to check out Webkinz Holiday Guide for gift ideas. 

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Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Webkinz. I received a product sample and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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