Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Get Webkinz Friends iPad App and Play It For FREE!

My kids love their Webkinz friends and have been enjoying the ability to expand their fun by playing and exploring online with the special code they get with each one. Now, Webkinz expands even further with the introduction of their new Webkinz Friends FREE iPad App.

What is The Webkinz Friends App for iPad?

The loveable pets of Webkinz™ are at your fingertips with Webkinz Friends™, the new iPad® game from the creators of Webkinz World™!

Adopt Webkinz pets and design their homes with furniture and decorations from the KinzMart.

Harvest quirky plants and supply your businesses as you build your own one-of-a-kind Kinzville.

Follow the stories of Ms. Birdy, Arte Fact, and the whole cast of Webkinz characters and raise a happy family in the Kinzville of your dreams in this fun social game!

Special Features:

  • Earn exclusive virtual prizes for Webkinz World that can be sent to any active account on

  • Raise your Town Quality to unlock expansions and achieve bonuses!

  • Plant and harvest Pickleberry, Jumbleberry, Sugarberry and Moonberry Plants, and earn berries to send back to any active account on

  • Play with friends, visit their towns, and get help for your goals!

  • Adopt Webkinz toys on your iPad and

Note for Webkinz Friends on Facebook players: This game does not connect to your Facebook town. You will be building a new town.

Note for players: This game does not connect to your account, but does allow for you to send certain prizes back to any active account.

*** A network connection is required to play. ***

ace and friends thoughts

The Webkinz Friends iPad App is FREE downloadable game that is similar to what is offered through the Webkinz Facebook page. It takes a couple of minutes to set up and then you are ready to go. My kids love playing games on the iPad, so this was right up their alley!
To set up, you must first choose a pet to represent you in Kinzille and give it a name:

As the game begins, you start to place your building around Kinzville creating your own special town. 

Kinzville is the town in which your pets will live and thrive. Essentially, the better your buildings and business do in your town, the happier the pets will be that live there. The happier each pet is, the better the rewards you will receive while playing this game. 

To advance further in this game, you can complete different tasks that are found on the left side of the screen and tracked by each of the various icons. As you complete each task, you can then move up to a new level to have access to more activities, buildings and more. 

The kids really enjoyed adding various decorations throughout Kinzville, but did get a little frustrated when they had to wait for certain things to be built or gain enough items to purchase a particular decoration. This game is highly based on a waiting for things to be built or grow, which could be tough for younger kids to understand.

Overall, Webkinz Friends was enjoyable for all of my kids as well as for me. I really liked the convenience of playing the game easily on the iPad versus having to get to a desktop computer or access the game via Facebook. I know my kids will certainly get future enjoyment playing and building their Webkinz Friends town!

Will you play the FREE Webkinz Friends for the iPad?
What will you build first?

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Webkinz. I received a product sample and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

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VickeC said...

this looks like something my oldest grandaughter would like,Ive heard of it before but not seen a app yet