Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Get Fit, It's Fun Guide: The Zone Diet {Review & Giveaway}

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As with every New Year, comes NEW WEIGHT LOSS goals. There, I said it. It's true, I try to work just a little harder at tracking my food intake, hitting the gym more than usual and try my darnedest to keep these two things top of mind throughout my day. 

Years ago, I heard about The Zone Diet (I think from my celebrity gossip magazine)... but didn't know much about it until recently. The ZoneFast WeightLoss Program offers a wide selection of products to help you consciously keep track of your food intake, while aiding you in your weight loss journey.

About The Zone Diet (and Zone Labs)
{source: zonediet.com}

The Zone Diet specializes in anti-inflammatory nutrition. Founded in 1999, by Dr. Barry Sears Zone Labs is based on the discoveries he made on the role of diet in hormonal response, gene expression, and inflammation.

Cellular inflammation is what makes us gain weight, accelerate the development of chronic disease, and decrease our physical performance. Increased cellular inflammation can turn your fat cells into a “fat trap” especially if you are genetically predisposed. Once this happens, the dietary calories get trapped in your fat cells and can’t be released to make the energy you need to survive and more around. As a result you are constantly hungry. Once you begin to reverse cellular inflammation, the “fat trap” is relaxed and you stop the hunger. If you are never hungry, then cutting back on calories is easy.

The Zone Diet is clinically proven to reverse cellular inflammation by maintaining the inflammatory hormones generated by the food we eat within a Zone that is not high, but not too low.

ace and friends thoughts

Thanks to my friends at Zone Labs, I was fortunate to receive a 2 week supply of bagels, breads, cookies, granola, pastas, Zone bars and more. It also included daily vitamin packets to compliment my program. It was easy to substitute my usual bread/pasta items with the provide Zone Diet products.

I could easily prepare meals that I normally would, but just enhance what I was eating with my Zone Diet options. I could make tasty pasta dishes as well as some tasty sandwiches and much more.

At ZoneDiet.com, you can access an amazing selection of ZoneFast Recipes that you can easily incorporate your provided Zone Diet foods. Recipes are available for all meals,  including breakfast, lunch and dinner. There was a fabulous recipe for this dish -  Fusili with Basil, Tomatoes and Feta --->.

Benefits of the Zone 1-2-3 Program
{source: zonediet.com}

  • Your clothes will fit better as much of your weight loss is excess body fat, not loss of water or muscle
  • You will enjoy improved mental focus and acuity as your blood sugar levels become more stable
  • You will observe a surge in physical energy as you increase the release of stored body fat to be converted into chemical energy
  • You will have an improved ability to handle stress
  • Finally, as you continue to reduce excess body fat, you will have decreased blood sugar, blood lipid, and blood pressure levels

M&M Cookie - yummy!
So, you are probably wondering... what were my results? I am glad to report that with my regular gym schedule I lost a total of 4.5 pounds in just two weeks. Prior to the Zone Diet, I was essentially at a stand still. This gave me the boost I needed to get going in the right direction... which is DOWN, DOWN, DOWN! Thank you so much ZoneDiet.com!

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You can purchase Zone Diet products on their site HERE.

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Thanks to Zone Labs one LUCKY ace and friends reader will
win a Zone 1-2-3 Food Standard Program.

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[Product review & giveaway disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free from the manufacturer of a PR Agency. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising." See ace and friends Disclosure Policy HERE.]
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