Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crane USA - *Name That Toon* Facebook Contest!

Crane, makers of the line of Adorable humidifiers, is giving Moms and Dads a chance for their kids to be a cartoon character. That’s right! Winners will have an original animated likeness of themselves created to star in a cartoon with the Adorables they named. In addition, all winners will receive an Adorable humidifier sent to them with a personalized certificate with the winning name.

Contest Instructions

With 11 Adorables, there are eleven chances to win! So get together with your child and have some fun playing the name game. Post your name idea and on the following Monday, 5 finalists will be chosen based on originality.

The 5 finalists have one week to win based on number of votes. If you are not one of the finalists, don’t worry. You have a chance to name next week’s Adorable!!

Visit Crane's Facebook page to enter!
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