Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mattel's Fijit Friends Interactive Toy {Review}

Tween girls love to sing, dance, laugh and talk (oh boy, do they sure LOVE to talk!) ... and with their new Mattel Fijit Friends, they can do just that and more!
About Fijit Friends

With Mattel's new Fijit Friends ™ your child will find a friend in an interactive, electronic toy that can talk, dance, and laugh along with them. This new generation children's toy not only entertains but can actually engage and interact with our kids on a whole new level. Fijit Friends have colorful and soft skin that enable lifelike movements and  they can perform fun dance moves, recognize spoken emotions and react appropriately, joining in on the fun or telling a joke when you are sad. Fijit Friends come in four different color variations, each with a unique personality. 

Product Features
  • Girls can poke and squeeze her soft, tactile skin that enables lifelike movements and fun surprises
  • Fijit Friends can respond with more than 150 built-in phrases and jokes!
  • Recognizes different types of music and perform different dance moves
  • Features voice recognition, beat detection capabilities, and includes her own original songs too!
ace and friends thoughts

The girls, along with their friends had an amazing Fijit Friends dance party. They had a great time dressing up with all the fun necklaces, jewelry, headbands and fashionable glasses. We were introduced to Trend-setting Willa, which was super PERFECT. 

The Girls Meet Willa, the Trend-Setting Fijit Friend 

Willa is always a step ahead of the latest and greatest, whether it’s fashion or whatever’s new and cool. She’s confident, stylish, and a natural leader. Like all Fijit Friends, Willa was created when a gooey science experiment was brought to life by the power of music. She loves to laugh until her sides hurt, dance until she’s dizzy, and be herself with her one true bestie.


These little robots can dance, dance, dance. If you play different songs for them, Fijit Friends shows you a variety of silly dance moves. If dancing isn't for your daughter, although, what tween doesn't love it... she can get ready to laugh because Fijits love telling  jokes that will crack her (and you) up. I know I was laughing right along with the girls. 

Fijit Friends can dance to your own personal music (as we did) or it has it's own built in dance music.  Fijit Friends can also chat with you. You can discuss the weather, how your feeling or just what you've been up to for the day. Fijit Friends are recommended for ages six and up, but some of the girls that were younger could easily interact with their new dancing friends.

When your done or if it’s just time for bed, wish your Fijit Friend a goodnight. Her belly will glow like a nightlight as she nods to sleep. Nite, nite....

Overall, the girls (as did the moms) had a great time dancing (their favorite part), listening to jokes and interacting with our new Fijit Friend, Willa. We can't wait to get together again for another rockin' dance party!

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