Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sportline DUO 1060 Heart Rate Monitor vs. Sportline SOLO 925 {Watch Reviews}

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It's been a busy couple of weeks testing out two unique Heart Rate Monitors by Sportline. I was given the fortunate opportunity to compare the DUO 1060 and Sportline SOLO 925. Yeah me! 

First, let me tell you about the different functions that are available for each watch. I will then give you my thoughts/opinion on how each watch performed during my time at the gym using both watches.

The DUO 1060 ($119.99, available in men’s and women’s styles) offers Sportline’s most advanced technology allowing for continuous (with included chest belt) and on-demand (with Any Touch Technology’s finger-activation) heart rate monitoring. The Duo 1060 has all key heart rate functions while also including a Speed, Distance and Stride Tracker, Fat-Burn Monitor and Zone Trainer.

DUO 1060 Heart Rate Monitor features
  • Full heart rate monitoring with zone and % of max indicators
  • Tracks speed, distance and strides with built-in accelerometer
  • Patented Any Touch Technology also enables heart rate monitoring without the need for a chest belt
  • Tracks calories burned

SOLO 925 Heart Rate Monitor ($79.99, available in men’s and women’s styles): is easy to use for those looking for a weight-loss solution.  With the Target HR Zone Program and Calorie-Burn Monitor, you’ll be on the fast track to reaching your short and long-term fitness goals. It features Sportline’s patented Any-Touch Technology, allowing a user to measure her heart rate simply by touching the face of the watch.  

SOLO 925 Heart Rate Monitor Features 
  • Patented Any Touch Technology enables heart rate monitoring without the need for a chest belt
  • 3Beat Speed Sensor acquires ECG accurate heart rate in 3 beats or less
  • Tracks heart rate and calories burned

ace and friends thoughts:

First up, the DUO 1060. The DUO 1060 Heart Rate Monitor is what I have been traditionally use to using in the past. It has the chest belt which continually monitor your heart rate. It also has the option of checking your heart rate sans chest belt. It allows you to obtain your heart rate with their unique Any Touch Technology finger activation. I found the DUO 1060 to be the most accurate unit of any other ones in the same price range. The touch heart rate works great. It's a little bit complicated to use at first due to its tons of features and functionality but once you get it, it's a great workout watch. It feels light and comfortable on your wrist. It shows all the critical data you'd like to see during workout without the need to go through multiple screens. You can also use it as a pedometer and it even calculates calories burned. The instructions aren't that straightforward and it really doesn't explain each function thoroughly. Overall, the watch performed quite well and certainly for the price, an excellent buy.

Next up, Sportline SOLO 925. I was immediately drawn to this watch initially. I love that it had a pink band. The features are very easy to use. It is not a continuous heart rate monitor though. The calorie counter would be most effective while walking, not spinning, stepping or some other continuous exercise where your heart rate fluctuates. The heart rate function seems to work okay based on the times I compared it to the DUO 1060. It matched up reasonably well. It can take a while to get a reading - sometimes 5 to 10 sec, every once in a while it times out before giving a reading and I've had to press the button multiple times - but most of the time I get a reading within five seconds. The watch also has nice features, like an alarm, 2 different time zone options, a stopwatch (which counts up), a timer (which counts down), and a calorie counter/calculator. I don't know how accurate the calorie counter is, but it gives me numbers that are about 1/3 to 1/2 of the DUO 1060. You can also set your target heart rate based on your age and gender, or set the upper and lower limits manually. Overall, this watch performed as expected - good, but not great. If you're looking for instantaneous heart rate readings and a more accurate calories burned number this may not be for you.

Final verdict: What I liked about both watches was they both offered a power save mode which allows you to conserve battery life by deactivating the unit when the monitor is not being used for long periods of time. Between the two watches, I would definitely choose the DUO 1060 over the SOLO 925. I like to spin, step and do other types of cardiovascular exercises where my heart rate changes. The DUO 1060 appears to give me the most accurate heart rate reading and calories burned count. I also liked the ability to change your own battery in the chest belt. Other chest belts from competitors need to be taken to a specific watch dealer. Great watch at a great price!

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