Monday, November 29, 2010

Product Review: Oliver's Labels

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Oliver's Labels began when it's founder, Debbie came up with an idea to keep her nephew Oliver from losing all of his stuff. After overwhelming positive response, she recognized the demand for a high quality durable label. With Debbie's experience in the printing industry, she developed what is known today as Oliver's Labels. These labels have a strong hold to withstand use in the dishwasher and laundry machines. There is a variety of design options as well as a unique Tracking System for lost items.
For review I was sent a selection of Oliver's Labels, with the polka dot design (so cute, isn't it... I'm a sucker for polka dots). The package included:

As an option and what sets Oliver Labels apart is that they offer the option of the Found-it™ Tracking System. If you lose something with the label on it, the finder is directed where to go if found and are instructed to enter the Found-it code. Oliver's Labels can then contact you, the owner, to notify you that your missing item has been found and will connect you with the finder to get it back. Here's what it looks like:

Oliver's Labels are perfect for cups, bottles, books, clothing... if you can think it, it will probably stick. Their designs are super cute and kids will love having their items personalized.

ace and friends thoughts: 
We placed a label on little *e*'s lunch bag and gave it a test spin. We had her bring it to school and back multiple times. Verdict - success. The label stayed in place, didn't curl up around the edges and didn't move. The label is in perfect condition and continues to stay that way. See for yourself....

I've also placed the clothing label on the interior of her coat and it's still holding in place... even after running it through the wash. Talk about durability. I've never seen that before... pretty amazing! I'm thinking purchasing some additional set for *a* and *c*... who tend to lose their items more often than not and the Found-it™ Tracking System would certainly come in handy! 

Buy It: Oliver's Labels (Free Shipping on orders over $30 - Canada/US) from their web site HERE. 

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Looking for some more information about Oliver’s Labels, check them out on their website, Facebook, Twitter or their own blog.

Happy Labeling!
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