Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A lot Like a *Shutterfly* Christmas...

Over the past several years, I've tried out many different online photo publishing services. Time and time again, I've ALWAYS come back to Shutterfly to print ALL of my photo needs. Whether it's been birth announcements or photobooks, I've had nothing but great success with Shutterfly's quick and efficient service.
The things I love most about Shutterfly (in addition to the super fabulous discounts they offer) is the convenience and ease of use. The Shutterfly site is much easier to upload and organize your photos then other sites I have tried. They offer a variety of projects to fit all your photo expressive needs.
So call me crazy (don't hate me for already planning Christmas stuff, but I can't help myself... I {heart} Christmas), but I've already perused through the amazing selection of Christmas Cards and have chosen my absolute favorite (take a peek below.... cute, right?)! Now, the challenge begins of selecting my favorite kids' photos to use in it. Choices, choices.... I love that I get to select four photos... one spot for each kid and one for the family shot! PERFECT!
What type of cards will you be sending out this holiday season? Shutterfly offers a wide selection of Christmas Cards, from religious Christmas cards to the wide selection of photo Christmas cards. I will also be using them to print some great Christmas party invitations for my local mom's group's holiday extravaganza. LOVE it!
So what are you waiting for... check them out... you won't be disappointed, plus you will make me feel better for printing out my Christmas cards sooooo early! (honestly, it's NEVER to early for Christmas stuff... well, for me anyway... my husband would beg to differ... )
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Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

I have been SO lax in sending Christmas cards the last few years. And Christmas is sometimes the only time I hear from friends so have since lost touch of several good friends... maybe this is the year to re-establish a card sending tradition.

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