Monday, October 25, 2010

5 ways to create personalized holiday cards with PurpleTrail

Have you been thinking of ways to personalize your holiday greeting cards this year? 
Friends and family will appreciate the little extra effort you will put into it! Making this little extra effort doesn't have to take a ton of time or money.

Here are a quick five relatively easy and economic ways to make your holiday greeting cards more fun, exciting and personalized!

1. make your own personalized holiday cards from scratch! (Or, from kits...)

Visit your local craft store, or online sites to create your own holiday card masterpiece. choose from many different *do it yourself*" greeting card kits. These kits are so popular and relatively inexpensive that you can pick them up at any large mass retailer too. If you have the time, patience and a crafty flair, this is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Your local craft stores have all the embellishments to make your holiday cards extra spectacular! glitter... glitter... everywhere!

2. include a personal newsletter about your family in your Christmas cards.

Did Tommy make the soccer team this year and placed first at season's end or did Ella start her first day of school? By including an update of your family's accomplishments is a quick and easy way to add some personalization to your holiday cards.  You can add some extra flair to your newsletter by adding a few photos, some festive fonts and printing it on some fun holiday paper. 

3.  to personalize Christmas cards for close family, have your children draw pictures to include.

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sally or Uncle Joe will surely appreciate a holiday card from your family when your child's charming and adorable picture arrives along with it. Have your child draw something very simple... a Candy Cane, Christmas Tree, Ornament or just the words *i love you* will surely put a heartfelt smile on their faces. This will also let your child feel like they were a part of the holiday card making/signing process. Win-Win. and of course, practically FREE to do!

4. purchase custom, personalized greeting cards to send out for the holiday.

Although a bit more expensive, the quality is definitely worth it. It's also a time-saver. At the website, PurpleTrail, customers can browse a wide selection of card styles and options. Customers have the ability to choose from the stock option or making a more personalized holiday card by adding their own greeting and/or pictures. 

5.  include a family picture, or just one of the kids, to personalize holiday cards.
Don't worry about spending tons of money on expensive portrait sessions, places such as JcPenney or Target offer portraits at a very inexpensive price. Don't have the time or money to spend on this, you can always get a family photo by yourself using a high shelf, mantle, tri-pod or possibly even asking someone you know to help you. Print the photos yourself or have them processed at one of the many local stores that offer photo printing. Typically a 4 x 6 photo runs about 15-18 cents per print. Remember, it doesn't have to be formal... silly everyday photos ALWAYS brings a smile to others during the holiday season.

Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless and most times relative inexpensive!

{Please Note: I am entering a contest for a PurpleTrails Holiday giveaway with the chance to win a gift code as a member of the Mom Bloggers Club.}
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