Monday, June 21, 2010

so smart DVD review and 25% off coupon....

thanks to So Smart!, I was fortunate enough to receive a DVD, king otis and the kingdom of goode: mcflicken's tale of sharing (MRP $12.99) that helped *e* learn the value of patience and sharing her things with her siblings and friends.

In this So Smart! DVD,  King Otis and the Kingdom of Goode, teaches young children important, universal lessons like patience, sharing and respect through captivating stories, catchy songs, and lovable characters. In McFlicken’s Tale of Sharing, McFlicken, a selfish creature who lives in a tree, thinks he’ll be happiest if he doesn’t have to share with the neighbors, especially his tree worms and wing repair glue. But when he finally gets the big tree to himself, he realizes that, without sharing, there can be no happiness. When a baby Lird appears, McFlicken gets the chance he needs to bring his friends home. BONUS: Behind-the-Scenes Storyboards, Two Music Videos, “Draw the Characters” On-screen Tutorial, Printable Coloring Sheets and Trailers. (PC and Mac Compatible) 

*e* was super excited to watch this new DVD. she was captivated by the DVD cover itself. we, of course, sat down to watch it together. as the story began, *e* continually looked at me and smiled a great BIG grin.

she was quite intrigued by the unique characters. she did not move from her spot throughout the entire DVD except to dance along with the catchy tunes. the other members of the *ace* crew also adored the creative and fun storyline.

the mcflicken tale of sharing was a great introduction to the concept of sharing and to the benefits of having your friends around you. it was definitely entertaining and just as i type this, *e* wants to watch it again!

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thanks to So Smart! for the product to review!
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