Friday, May 21, 2010

yes, yes... pick me please... *Oprah* DevOtees Opinion Panel

Oprah DevOtee... oh yes, that me! sign up HERE....

Opi (as i like to call her), along with HER entire marketing research team, wants to know what u think... and in exchange for these surveys, you'll get to win FAB-OOOO prizes and sample products before they even hit the market... LOVE IT.

now.... if i could only win some tickets to the Opi's favorite things episode... 'cuz me wants me some FREE SWAG! opi... can't YOU just read this.... PLEASE (i think it will help if i just say PLEASE, right?) that's what my momma taught me anyway...  :O)

oh well, i still (heart) you, Opi! Pin It


Mama Grits said...

Oh my gosh I didn't even know about the opinion panel, I'm signing up! Following from MBC!

Deana said...

Great Blog! I hope you win!

I am following you from MBC:)

flmom said...

Good Luck!

Following you from MBC.

What's in a name... said...


Iam following you from MBC. Pls. follow me when you get a chance @

Tracy said...

Following from MBC,