Wednesday, May 5, 2010

did you know you can print coupons on TARGET'S website?

ok... so did you know you can print coupons for specific items at *target* directly from there website? well, i did not... therefore i thought i would share this great information... click HERE to check out this week's list of available coupons....

on another coupon note.... just learned about *zevia*.... the zero calorie 100% natural carbonated beverage. it's 'nature's answer to diet soda.

zevia does not use any chemically processed sugar substitutes, artificial color or flavors.... it is sweetened with stevia, an herb used for centuries to sweeten food. stevia is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar and has no effect on blood sugar levels. Click HERE to learn more about the history and science of stevia.

also, click HERE to sign up for store coupons.
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