Monday, April 12, 2010

It's a *mystery*... well Mystery Shopping that is...

So, many of my friends say.... mystery shopping... paid to shop, paid to eat... really... yep... REALLY! Well, how do I get into that....

I've been mystery shopping for years and it's fun and exciting. Not only do I get to do one of the things I really *love* to do... shop, but I get paid to do it! On top of that, I also get paid to eat and try out restaurants.... LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT....
how can you not... seriously!!

So, this past weekend, DG and I went to on a mystery shopping adventure. We started at
The Somerset Collection so I could begin my first mystery shop at Wolford... I know, you're probably asking, what exactly is Wolford... I wasn't so sure myself... come to find out it's a *high-end* leg and body wear boutique. Who needs $35 silver shimmer nylons.... ummmm, I do... 'cuz there free to me... (well sort of... with a 'little' work). What's a little questionnaire and report... for some pricey nylons plus and extra $10 bucks just to do the shop.... ROCK ON!

Second stop... Cheeseburger in Paradise.... it was delicious. Not only did DG and I get to enjoy a date night out... we also got our dinner paid for too. Check out my tasty pina colada... isn't it cute?!!


Now.... for the work.... there are reports to fill out, don't get me wrong... some do takes some time and effort, but if you got the time and like to write.... this is probably for you!

Check out this website to get started... 

I personally, just started filling out applications to as many mystery shopping companies as I could possibly do.... the more you fill out, the greater the opportunity for a great mystery shop.

Hope this helps, my friends. HAPPY SHOPPING!
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