Sunday, November 2, 2008

There are bats and a butterfly in our house....

So the kids had a blast trick or treating! You couldn't ask for any better weather. The kids made out with tons of candy. Who knew so much could fit it such a small bucket. Regardless, I learned something new from my friend Jen.... trading candy for toys. Okay... so some may view this as bribery, but I say... whatever works. My first bribe or should I say trade with the kids was a sandwich bag full of candy from each for a new Backyardigans video (The Backyardigans: Escape from Fairytale Village). They both thought that this was a fair trade and were happy with their decision!

Anyway... here are a few pictures.... they were soooo cute!

Two bats and a beautiful butterfly.

'Batgirl' AKA Alyssa.

'Batman' AKA Caleb.

'Our little Butterfly' AKA Ella.

Although it was a fun evening..... I am glad it's over.... UNTIL next year! Happy Halloween 2008!

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