Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Weekend in the Windy City....

So I decided to venture with my sister to Chicago by train. It was a relaxing train ride to the Windy City. It was nice to actually relax without being pulled in 500 different directions. The train ride was fun. We chatted, laughed, drank beer (gotta love the beer car) and watched movies on our handy dandy ipods. Thanks God for technology!

We arrived in Chicago in the evening and we took a quick cab ride over to our 'fabulous' hotel. Okay, so it wasn't fabulous, it was actually quite the opposite. We stayed at the Howard Johnson on LaSalle and this place was an unfortunate dump. If only I remembered to take pictures.... it was quite a sight! It really could hurt your eyes. OUCH.... they're burning!

Anyway... other than the hotel... everything else was GREAT! We ate, drank and SHOPPED! We strolled Michigan Avenue, ate at my favorite Cheesecake Factory and drank some tasty beverages at PJ Clarkes and Mother's Too. Just to let you know, I almost had to pull out my EASTSIDE fighting ability with the snobby women in the bathroom at PJ Clarkes.... if you want more details... you will just have to ask me! Mother's Too is located in the area of the famous Rush and Division, apparently referred to as the Viagra triangle by the locals. Apparently there are dirty 'old' men trying to pick up young girlies at the bar! Ok... isn't that just hilarious!

I also got to hang with my 'old' friend... yep, I said 'old'... not as far as age, but 'old' referring to the many years we've been friends. In talking, we figured we'd know each other over 30 years.... doesn't that just sound CRAZY! Anyway, it was great to see Brent and hang with him. I forgot what a great time I always had talking to him. You will always know who your true friends are in life and I definitely consider him as one.

All in all it was fun and I would definitely do it again... but I will definitely NOT let anyone make the decision of where I will sleep for the evening ever again. I am WAY TOO anal retentive for that...... FIVE STAR BABY! Pin It

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How fast they grow!

Yesterday I got Caleb's first official school photo. I can't believe how grown up he looks (look for yourself)... and he's only in preschool. What am I in for....

And then there is Alyssa... Kindergarten... WOW.... what a little lady! Doesn't she look so old already?

Time is REALLY flying by... the parents keep telling us... time goes by quickly.... cherish the moment! And now, looking at these pictures, I REALLY can appreciate what they were saying to me and David all along.... watch them closely, because before you know it, they are all grown up! Pin It

Sunday, November 2, 2008

There are bats and a butterfly in our house....

So the kids had a blast trick or treating! You couldn't ask for any better weather. The kids made out with tons of candy. Who knew so much could fit it such a small bucket. Regardless, I learned something new from my friend Jen.... trading candy for toys. Okay... so some may view this as bribery, but I say... whatever works. My first bribe or should I say trade with the kids was a sandwich bag full of candy from each for a new Backyardigans video (The Backyardigans: Escape from Fairytale Village). They both thought that this was a fair trade and were happy with their decision!

Anyway... here are a few pictures.... they were soooo cute!

Two bats and a beautiful butterfly.

'Batgirl' AKA Alyssa.

'Batman' AKA Caleb.

'Our little Butterfly' AKA Ella.

Although it was a fun evening..... I am glad it's over.... UNTIL next year! Happy Halloween 2008!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One is Fun!

I couldn't resist bragging about my little smoogie..... she turned one in September and I just recently had the opportunity to take her to get her one year old pictures done.

They turned out fabulous! JcPenney has come a LONG way since we started getting pictures done there with Alyssa! They have actual gone digital. Pretty high-tech for JcPenney's.... I have to admit! Anyway.... my lovely little Ella-girl looks adorable. I just can't believe she is already 13 months..... AAARRGGHHH! That's it for now.... until later! Pin It

Monday, October 27, 2008

the little man is '4'....

Well, my little man turned 4 today! Amazing. I never believed how fast time went by until I had children. It really does go faster and faster each day. Today the little man is '4', next thing you know he's going to be asking for the keys to the car.

He had so much fun today. From playing with his sisters and friends... to making finger puppets, playing with silly string and decorating yummy sugar cookies. I think he really loved his cake... how can you not love 'Scooby Doo'. The good old Costco cake with the rice paper topping... what a great invention!

A great end to the day.... he went to bed without a fight!

Tomorrow is another funfilled day... it is our turn to bring snacks for the class. He will be celebrating his birthday in class tomorrow... so rice krispie treats with fun Halloween decor it is.... I am also excited because I will be volunteering in his class. It should be so much fun!

Well.... it's time to hit the hay.... another long day awaits! Pin It

Sunday, October 26, 2008

coupons, coupons, everywhere....

As most of you know, I love a good bargain! Coupon-20%off_01 Therefore, I decided to add a space where if I so happen to run across a GREAT online coupon or deal, I can share it with everyone. I will also be including storefront coupons too. I ALWAYS get asked, where did you get a coupon for that... well my answer is online and I am now going to share them with my friends. Make sure to check back because I will continuously be adding new coupons and deals! The list is on the left of the blog... under coupons, coupons, everywhere. Enjoy! Pin It

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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